Talaat Hanna & Partners INDEPENDENT MEMBER OF Chartered Accountants & Consultants

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Construction & Real estate Investment

Egypt real estate market as a whole has been seeing strong growth despite the challenges we face.

There are many areas for investments including large shopping centres, modern grocery distribution, hypermarkets, supermarkets, retail and mixed-use real estate development.

Real estate assets have some unique features which can affect the way real estate transactions are structured, accounted for, and audited.

Talaat Hanna & Partners have the knowledge of the most recent accounting pronouncements with an in-depth understanding of the real estate and construction industries, to provide independent opinions on financial statements as well as recommendations regarding internal controls, operating and accounting procedures, and other important matters.

We have the extensive knowledge and experience to help our clients achieve their business goals.

We recognize the increased need for real estate companies seeking real estate tax advisory services, real estate audits and accounting, and other real estate support services.

We can help ensure your real estate company has a sustainable business plan for the future.

We offer a broad range of audit and accounting services to provide you with quality information to allow you, your stakeholders, your investors, and others to make smart business decisions.