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Health Care & Hospitality

The Egypt healthcare sector is required to evolve at a very fast pace and investors and operators of healthcare facilities need to make challenging decisions. In the coming years the healthcare system needs to improve both quantitively and qualitatively to meet with the existing and potential demand gap, thus it will continue to offer opportunities for investors/operators.

Quality Matters

Quality is vital to maintaining your overall health. Achieving excellence in care is what sets you apart and drives success. Offering a goal-oriented approach, backed by expertise, efficiency and innovation,

Healthcare systems, hospitals and academic medical centres are implementing innovative accounting and advisory solutions to increase efficiency in their daily operations to grow their bottom line. We show you how to recover lost revenue, strengthen workplace collaboration and increase patient satisfaction.


Talaat Hanna & Partners offers extensive industry experience. Our professional audit staff average more than 30 years of healthcare accounting experience.

Our professionals are committed to superior client service. Our structure and commitment to client service allows our senior executives more meaningful time engaging clients to address their needs.

We provide financial services unmatched in the healthcare industry. Our expertise in areas such as reimbursement, coding, and tax allows us to effectively address audit issues and assist our clients in areas beyond financial reporting.