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Tourism Sector

The travel and tourism industry in Egypt is one of the country’s leading economic sectors.

The travel and tourism sector is also a major employer in the country with, a workforce of 1.25 million. The statistic shows the total contribution of travel and tourism to GDP in Egypt from 2012 to 2028, including direct, indirect and induced contributions. Travel and tourism was forecasted to make a total contribution of approximately 1.96 trillion EGP to the Egyptian economy in 2028.

In the last couple of years, the tourism industry appears to have turned a corner with more people visiting the country year on year.

 Ongoing investment in tourism marketing is kept by the Government agencies which is critical as Egypt has to maintain its visibility and compete internationally as an attractive destination for visitors. The industry itself must stay competitive and ensure that costs remain viable for tourist businesses and that prices remain attractive to both domestic and foreign visitors. The industry has to continue to create international demand, deliver exceptional visitor experiences, continue to spend on marketing/advertising and ensure prices are kept competitive.

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